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スキッズガーデンさん内アトラクションの「なわとびジャンパー!」にお子さまのキャラクターが登場する企画で、 キャラクター制作のお手伝いをさせていただきました🚀🚀

I helped create a character for "My Chara Jumper"

A project in which a character created by a child appears in the Skids Garden attraction “Jump Rope Jumper!”

Assisted in character creation

ユニモちはら台さま 仮囲いデザイン 




Unimo Chiharadai illustration for temporary enclosure 

I was in charge of the illustration for Unimo Chiharadai's temporary enclosure!

It's a nice shopping mall.

Ladybugs, butterflies, and praying mantises are also hidden🌳


ユニモちはら台さま SDGs目標ぬりえイラスト



Unimo Chiharadai SDGs coloring illustration

I was in charge of the illustrations of 17 goal coloring pages that can be started from "knowing" about the SDGs on the Unimo SDGs special site! Please download it from the site and enjoy it.☀️

スクリーンショット 2022-04-30 15.44.51.png
スクリーンショット 2022-04-30 16.09.28.png

ユニモちはら台さま ビジュアルイラスト

千葉県市原市にあるショッピングモール、ユニモちはら台さんで開催される『unimo for SDGs UniFes2022』のビジュアルイラストを担当しました!


Unimo Chiharadai Illustration for the event

I was in charge of the illustration for "unimo for SDGs UniFes2022" held at Unimo Chiharadai, a shopping mall in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture!

This is an event that leads to SDGs with the theme of "Let's play and learn! Good things for the future".


DARK SHINYさま ボクサーパンツデザイン

ボクサーパンツブランドのDARK SHINYさんとコラボレーションしました。


DARK SHINY boxer shorts design


We collaborated with boxer shorts brand DARK SHINY.

A colorful and lively design that makes you feel better when you wear it. Fruit pants studded with cross sections of fruit 🍓🥑


「hmm,-Creator's Project ART002」


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop

「hmm,-Creator's Project ART002」

In conjunction with the exhibition, we sold tote bags and hoodies with Van Gogh-themed paintings. I chose "Sunflower" and "Café Terrace at Night" as motifs for this work🌻🌓

株式会社チャイルド本社さま ポックリモンスター




Child Honsha Co., Ltd. Pokkuri Monster


I designed a Pokkuri Monster sticker and box where you can make and play with your own Pokkuri Monster!

I also made an introduction video of how to make it.

This product is given to kindergarteners at sports festivals, etc.

PERSONAL JESUS BARさま イベント営業のイラスト 

氷室京介さん自身が寛げる空間デザインをコンセプトに東京西麻布に設立された【PERSONAL JESUS BAR -REVOLVER-】のイベント営業、 ≪PJB OVER THE DESTRUCTION BRAND NEW DAYS 20-21≫の告知ビジュアルを担当しました!

PERSONAL JESUS BAR illustration for event 


[PERSONAL JESUS ​​BAR -REVOLVER-] was born in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, based on the concept of Kyosuke Himuro's relaxing space design.

I was in charge of the illustration for the event ≪PJB OVER THE DESTRUCTION BRAND NEW DAYS 20-21≫ held there!

Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020


Participated in "Sonny Angel Japan Creator's Exhibition 2020" where the artist collection works in collaboration with 18 domestic creators are gathered together🌟

国内クリエイター18組とコラボレーションした、アーティストコレクション作品が一堂に会する「Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020」に参加しました🌟

Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020

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